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With over 30 years of textile experience, it combines quality craftsmanship and
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karabulut textile
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karabulut textile
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Collection fabrics with a wide variety of colors,
patterns and quality that we keep ready for sale and stock.

Who We Are?

Karabulut Textile

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Our company, which has been serving in the textile sector since 1996, is the design and production of cotton & cotton blended shirts of Karabulut Tekstil.
In addition to order-specific production, we continue to meet the demands in the sector with our continuous fabrication and ready-to-stock collection fabric designed in a wide range of colors, patterns and quality, which we started to configure in 2010 and is constantly updated depending on the trend and market data.
Our service understanding is advantageous for our customers with our experienced, reliable and responsible team in their fields, both at every stage of product development with need-specific production, and in the supply of our collection fabrics, with an attitude that does not compromise on quality, from mutually prominent ideas to project creation and completion. To increase satisfaction by offering services that include Intentional, Flexible, Creative and Innovative Solutions, Competitive Prices, Fast and Timely Delivery sensitivities.
Our sincere wish is to "establish long-term business partnerships based on mutual trust, favor and satisfactory" with our customers.

Our Fabric Collection

Shirt Fabrics Available At Any Time And On Sale

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Our Favorite Season Fabrics

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Latest Arrivals

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Shipping From Stock

With our collection consisting of a wide variety of patterns and colors, we instantly meet the needs of our customers.

Quality Products

Our aim; To manage our entire production process step by step with the quality-control management system and to keep our quality at the highest level.

Customer service

Transparency is our first principle in every stage of the production process to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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